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Superman had the power to speed around the earth and change back time. Who would have thought President Bush has the power to create hurricanes.  
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  Our congressman Steve Chabot First District, Ohio supported both bills.  And with the herd down to around 10,000 in the wild-that would probably consider endangered list if they were another species.  Congressman Steve Chabot, First District, Ohio



Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Protection Act- H. R. 503

Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Sale and Adoption Act of 2005- H. R. 297

Wild Horses and Burros are very passionate to me.  Owning one, Mustang, myself, I have a vested interested in them.  Owning Kana for almost 8 years, makes me realize how smart Mustangs are.  I am asking you, as a caring American, when you have time on the computer, just go over and send an email to your congressman/senator. 


Bush, New Orleans, and the media.  Ben Stein, 9/2/05 11:59 PM "Get Off His Back"

 The American Spectator


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